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 Way 1..The hardest..The best..Enduring..English template

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PostSubject: Way 1..The hardest..The best..Enduring..English template   Wed Dec 20, 2006 5:51 pm

To deal with the problem of the encoding of the arabic language u need to follow in these steps

1-Click on start at the start menu
2-Choose run
3-Type regedit and click ok
Then the Registry editor will open as shown in the pic

4-Click on edit/ shown i the pic
5-Type C_28591.NLS and click find next
Search for the NLS that u had typed in the list (C_28591.NLS) and delete it
6-Make the previous steps again and delete it on more time.
7- Restart ur computer
8- The language is Fixed Congratulations

This way also will fix the language problem For the hot-mail too but some Windows versions are defected and so this way will not work with it for the hotmail but surely it will work for the forum

for most computers the way of deleting the C_28591.NLS will fix the hotmail account and the forum but for others version of windows XP it will not work with the hotmail but with the forum only

considering the Arabic language problem in the hotmail account u before doing the above steps could have fix it by right click on the internet page and click encoding/Arabic (windows) for the arabic to be read
But after this steps there are 2 possible choices
1-the hotmail will encode it self automatically and u need no more encoding steps
2-The hotmail still does not work

If this way doesnt work with u u can make the hotmail read arabic by clicking encoding and choose any language rather than Arabic (or Arabic but not Arabic windows -Arabic (ASMO 708) for example )and then right click and encoding/Arabic windows
because the direct Arabic encoding in that case will be useless after u had deleted the C_28591.NLS for most computers the way of deleting the C_28591.NLS will fix the hotmail account and the forum but for others version it will not work with the hotmail but the forum only
so u need to encode to other lanuage then encode to arabic

For more informations contact me

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Way 1..The hardest..The best..Enduring..English template
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