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 how to register ..and is registeration important

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PostSubject: how to register ..and is registeration important   Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:34 pm

why shall i register in the forum

i shall register on it in order to

send topics on it(text, music..etc) that will be refered to me as Author also when i register in the forum then i am added to the birthday calendar so i can recieve a birthday congratulations and messeges from others on the forum or on my email or on my Forum-inbox where every one have an inbox e-mail on the forum where he can recieve or send messages also to send birthday congratulations to others as i cant send or post when i am not registered as i havent an acoount
4-registering ensures the continouty of st paul forum and giving it grades so ensure that our free service shall last.

how to register in the forum

Go to the home page by clicking on the logo and do as follow

then type your data

then click that u agree to the terms of the forum

then u will recieve an email containing a link press on the link to activate, after u activate it go to the forum home page and click on login (do7'ool) at the top and do as follow

now your are logged in now u need to edit your profile that will be explained in the next topic
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how to register ..and is registeration important
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